About Us

FUDOLL is a doll brand developed jointly by FUELD Inc., a Japanese design company that designs advanced 3D models, and FUWA Craft Co.


  • The trademark and logo design of FUDOLL is copyrighted by FUELD Inc.
  • Fuwa Craft Co., Ltd. retains the right to use the FUDOLL trademark in China.
  • FUELD Inc. retains the right to use the FUDOLL trademark in countries other than China.
  • For trademark inquiries, please contact FUELD Inc.



  • The manufacture of FUDOLL is only licensed to Dongguan Fuwa Crafts Co., Ltd.
  • All FUDOLLs are issued with a serial number, which can be verified on the FUDOLL website (https://fu-doll.com).



  • FUDOLL is manufactured with high quality materials that have passed international product quality inspections such as Rohs and CE, and is not harmful to the human body in normal use.

Dongguan Fuwa Crafts Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2020, FUDOLL is a high-quality hybrid doll brand created by Fuwa Crafts, a team of skilled technicians with years of experience in the sex doll industry.
South 4th St. L1, Qiaotou Qiaodong Rd, Dongguan, GUANGDONG, China

FUELd Inc. was founded in 2008 as a company specialized for graphic designing and software development. Since 2020,  participated in the planning and development of FUDOLL.

Fueld is running store site  ” Charm & Ko“, and this site can show latest products photos.